Ski tours in San Vigilio di Marebbe

Skiing with seal skin in the Fanes-Sennes-Prags nature park

With ski tours you return to the roots of Alpine skiing and you'll have the possibility to experience the nature of the Dolomites in an intense fashion whilst absorbing the profound peace of the snowed-in landscape. At San Vigilio di Marebbe you'll find a real paradise for ski tours. The Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park Here are some ideas for ski tours in one of the most beautiful parks in the Dolomites.

Col Toronn (3 hours approx.)
From Pederü you reach Alpe di Fanes via a road where you then follow the Pices Fanes basin which takes you to the foot of the hill from where you can easily reach the 2459m high Col Toronn.

Monte Castello - Bivacco della Pace (5 hours approx.)
Always leaving from Pederü you reach Alpe di Picio Fanes and continuing on to Lè de Limo you ascend to Alpe di Gran Fanes. From here you enter into the valley between the Furcia Rossa and Ciampestrin peaks which ascendingly takes you to Monte Castelo where you'll find the Bivacco della Pace hut.

Sass dla Crusc - Sasso Croce (5.5 hours approx.)
After reaching Alpe di Picio Fanes you proceed in a south westerly direction following path Nr. 7 as far as Forcela dla Crusc from where you flank the edge of Sass dla Crusc in a northerly direction where you then reach the foot of Ciaval mountain. The final part is undertaken on foot.

Muntejela de Senes (5 hours approx.)
From Pederü you face numerous turns in the direction of Fodara Vedla where just before it's possible to take a short cut on a little road to the left which rejoins the main road to take you to the Sennes hut. Following the inclination to the bump behind the hut take the track which descends down to the final gradient passing by the Munt de Senes hut. The last very steep part proceeds from the left to the right up to 2768m.

In all of the ski tour routes the descent is carried out on the tracks.

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